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The Haulla Manifesto - Better Waste Management


September 28, 2022

When it comes to waste management, there is always room for improvement. In this blog post, we will look at Haulla – a company whose goal is to provide a better waste management solution to commercial organizations.

Moreover, we will discuss the manifesto's main points and explain how they can benefit society as a whole. The Haulla Manifesto is not just a set of proposals but a call to action. We urge everyone to read it and consider how they can help make the world a cleaner and more sustainable place.

What Is Haulla

Haulla is a leading waste management and recycling company that manages the whole waste collection services with partner haulers in a collaborative way. Haulla's quality services include managing everything from collection to transportation to proper waste disposal facilities. We help businesses save money, time, and resources while reducing environmental impact.

Haulla helps customers break their previous contract with their hauler and supplies a new dumpster at a significantly lower cost. This helps businesses reduce operating costs and ensure they do their part in ensuring waste materials are properly disposed of.

The History of Haulla

Haulla is a waste management company that was started in 2017 with the goal of providing systematic collection, junk removal, and dumpster services. Our company is unique in that we offer all of these services at a reduced price for those who sign up.

Locations Where Haulla’s Service Is Available

We began as a front-load business in Los Angeles, California, and has since expanded to more areas of Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi. Currently, we are offering their services in more than 63 cities in the USA.

The Core Values of Haulla

The main objective of creating Haulla is to provide business owners, especially small and mid-sized enterprises, extra flexibility when it comes to their waste collection plans. We strive to provide businesses with the best possible waste management solutions.

To get to know more about us, you should take a look at the core values that make up the Haulla Manifesto.

Haulla Smarter Waste Management

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The first thing to know about Haulla is how we provide smarter waste management to commercial organizations. We believe that waste collection programs should be smarter, not harder. That's why we've developed innovative solutions to help businesses and haulers reduce their environmental impact through our app. We want everyone to actively participate in protecting the planet through our efficient waste collection service.

Eco-Friendly Solution for Commercial Waste Disposal

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Haulla is a company that is committed to being eco-friendly. That’s why we’re doing our best to provide efficient commercial waste disposal services. We work with businesses to help them find ways to reduce collection costs.

By limiting the frequency of collection and ensuring that dumpsters are full before they’re picked up, the need for haulers to travel to customers’ location is greatly reduced. This improves the efficiency of waste collection services while reducing carbon emissions from frequent transportation.

Common Problems With Commercial Waste Management for Both Businesses and Haulers

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In the United States, we generate about four pounds of trash per person each day. This amount has steadily increased over the past few decades as our population and consumption habits have grown. As a result, we now have a massive waste problem.

Every year, the average American throws away about 730 pounds of food, 220 pounds of paper, 60 pounds of glass, and 15 pounds of metals. While some of this waste can be recycled or composted, much of it ends up in landfills, where it takes up valuable space and releases harmful methane gas into the atmosphere.

Waste management is a growing concern, especially in commercial establishments. More and more are becoming aware of the environmental impact of their actions and, as a result, are looking for ways to reduce waste and carbon emissions. However, there are still many challenges to overcome, and some of them may take years to solve.

Haulla is committed to being a part of the progress toward sustainability. We continue to develop innovative solutions that will make waste management easier and more efficient. We are inviting more businesses to partake in our drive to make waste collection problems a thing of the past.

How Commercial Businesses and Haulers Can Benefit From Haulla’s Service

Commercial businesses and haulers can benefit from Haulla’s service in several ways. First, our service is designed to save businesses money on waste disposal costs. We do this by hauling away waste only when dumpsters are full and ready for disposal. Some businesses need daily waste collection, while others may need the service only once a week. By providing the right waste management plan, costs can be reduced for both haulers and commercial businesses.

Second, we also help haulers reduce their environmental impact. By signaling them when to do pickups, they can save on fuel costs, which translates to lower carbon emissions.

We make sure to pick up waste on a regular schedule, and we provide the dumpster for free. This means businesses don’t have to worry anymore about pickups that are either too late or too early.


In today's world, waste management is more important than ever. With the increasing population and rapid economic growth, the amount of commercial waste produced each day is staggering.

Haulla is the best waste collection company that manages waste responsibly. The Haulla Manifesto calls for a smarter, more collaborative, and eco-friendly way of managing commercial waste.

While there are challenges to implementing these changes, Haulla is committed to making a difference. We will continue to develop innovative solutions that make waste management easier and more efficient.