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The Haulla Mission - Why We Do What We Do


September 1, 2022

At Haulla, we're driven by a single mission: to provide more efficient and sustainable waste management solutions at the best price in the market. 

But what pushed us in this direction? What are the problems we see in the current commercial waste collection landscape that we believe need to be solved for the benefit of everybody? 

We’ll be diving into details on what the Haulla mission is all about and how we’re addressing the problems with waste management and collection.

Problems With the Current Commercial Waste Collection

Waste collection poses a problem for many businesses in the country. Even discounting recycling services, the cost, inefficiency, and environmental impact of existing waste hauling processes have led us to develop our mission as a company. 

Below are the persisting challenges in waste stream collection and how Haulla is addressing them:

The pandemic and the changing consumer landscape

With the recent coronavirus pandemic, many waste management systems have been faced with major disruptions. These changes are due to substantial distortions in the trend of business waste generation as well as a variety of significant operational challenges for waste material collection. 

Operating conditions for haulers are more difficult than ever before with fears of virus transmission. New regulations and restrictive measures also make it hard for everyone to return to their usual operations. Overall, the enforcement of restrictions, lack of manpower, and changes in consumption and waste management have forced haulers and commercial businesses to look for more practical and flexible waste collection plans.

High cost of disposing of commercial waste

The cost of waste collection services varies per location, amount, and frequency. Businesses should expect to pay around $200 per month for regular pickups. Collection cost, transfer cost, container cost, and landfill cost – there are several factors that haulers consider in their operations. Plus, private haulers rapidly increase annual rates because of the increasing demand for services, soaring fuel prices, and rising business costs. 

Businesses are often tied to contracts for managing waste. But with the rapid market changes, these contracts can become a liability to businesses. Those affected by the shift in consumer trends usually find themselves forced to honor contracts that are too expensive for their needs. But without limited options aside from the Big 3 – who offer services at a premium because of their status – there’s not much that businesses can do.

Haulla mission - Find ways to break existing contracts and offer more flexible options


Here at Haulla, we’re dedicated to providing the most affordable solid waste collection service in the area. We also recognize the need of businesses for better contracts that are more suited to their needs. That’s why we made it part of our mission to help businesses break free from any existing contract with their current haulers and give them better options through our platform. We offer a smart waste management plan for small businesses, so they can avoid sticking with more expensive options.

Environmental impact of waste collection

Currently, the trucking industry is one of America's largest contributors to air pollution. It’s part of what causes traffic congestion on roads occupied by too many cars. Greenhouse gas from the transportation sector makes up around 27% of the total emissions of the country. This translates to around 6,000 million metric tons of CO2, with 26% of it coming from medium and heavy-duty trucks

Haulers drive on a regular basis as scheduled on the waste collection plan. So, whether the dumpsters are full or not, they’re going to the location for pickup. Obviously, going to empty dumpsters is an unproductive use of energy and results in an unnecessary contribution to CO2 emissions.

Haulla Mission - Utilize technology to create a more sustainable hauling schedule


Haulla is an innovator that wants to change this! We are an environmentally conscious innovator focused on improving sustainability and efficiency. 

We provide dumpsters that come with a fill-level sensor. The sensor periodically takes measurements of waste volume in the dumpster. In the near future, the sensor will be utilized for dynamic waste collection. When the waste volume reaches its maximum capacity, an automatic request will be made for pickup. 

Through our automated and environmentally sound process, commercial waste collection can be maximized. Garbage trucks do not need to be always on the road and collect unfilled dumpsters, thus reducing carbon emissions and contributing less to traffic congestion.




Innovating Commercial Waste Collection With Haulla

Haulla offers a platform for smarter waste collection and disposal services. Our aim is to cut prices for local businesses by connecting them with haulers who meet their requests. We’re here to act as the innovative waste company ultimately leading to reduced costs through more affordable plans, an even playing field for small and mid-sized haulers, and an eco-friendly approach to commercial waste collection. 

Haulers and businesses can all benefit from our services. If you want to save 15% or more on garbage collection, Haulla is all you need. Whether you’re dealing with industrial waste or food waste, or running a recycling program, we can match you with the right hauler for proper waste management. 

Check out if we’re available in your area and submit a quote request for free!