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How does overflowing waste affect businesses?


July 16, 2021

Common sense tells us that we should avoid having our waste bins overflowing as we can think of how it can negatively impact health and sanitation as well as aesthetics. We all know that no one likes overflowing waste bins, but today we will go over specifically exactly what kind of adverse effects it can have on people and community in general and on businesses in particular.

Business Waste Overflow Issue #1: Negative Image

Waste overflow can be more than just a nuisance that looks and smells unpleasant; it can inflict real damages to your business in revenue and profits should it be noticeable to your customers. Even though they are generally kept in the back where it won’t be very visible or accessible to customers, waste bins overflowing can get noticed by customers especially in certain types of design and arrangement of stores. It will discourage clients from visiting your business, not just because they find overflowing waste looking and smelling unpleasant, but also because it will give the impression that the business is not well managed – “if it’s failing in waste management, what else would it fail?”. If we also apply the broken window theory, the impression of poor management created by overflowing waste, may invite and make your business more susceptible to vandalism, burglary, and other crimes.

Business Waste Overflow Issue #2: Vermin

Overflowing waste attracts vermin like rats and other critters. They not only disperse the garbage further and create a bigger mess, but also spread diseases and pose further health risks, which will be discussed later. Vermin is a problem to get rid of for anyone, but it’s a more urgent issue for businesses, especially a restaurant, as it may cause problems for your business during a health inspection, possibly leading to suspension or closure.

Business Waste Overflow Issue #3: Water Contamination

Left out for a long time, waste will secrete smelly and toxic water as moisture seeps out from the garbage. With overflowing waste, waste liquids will also spill out in the open and can contaminate water sources nearby. Think about the catastrophic consequences that would befall not just on a business but the whole community if waste did contaminate water sources and if a business used such contaminated water in serving its customers.

Business Waste Overflow Issue #4: Health Risks

There are so many health risks associated with overflowing waste. As mentioned above, overflowing waste leads to vermin, which carry pathogens and water contamination, which can cause serious harm to the ingester. Even without waste liquids contaminating water source/supply, there are many ways that toxic parts of waste can enter a person’s system. People can inhale toxic airborne particles from smelly garbage, which can cause infectious diseases and lung damage. So don’t let garbage overflow and be out in the open!


We hope we were able to help you see clearly how overflowing garbage is a serious risk. While it is important to first understand the consequences of leaving a risk unattended, it is even more crucial to take action and find a resolution. We encourage you to reevaluate the cost and quality of your current waste service provider, and if need be, reach out to Haulla if you have concerns about whether you are being overcharged on garbage collection or experience frequent missed pickups that lead to waste overflow.