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Why does waste management as an industry lack innovation so much?


July 6, 2021

Waste management industry involves more than just guys coming in trucks, picking up trash, and leaving. With news of plastics covering up the ocean, developing countries refusing to take developed countries’ wastes and crises with piling up waste becoming increasingly common, waste management is becoming much more important than ever and experts designate it as a key area in sustainability. Now more than ever, there is a call for innovation for the waste management industry that has long been stagnant.

Telephone vs. Waste Management: A Comparison in Industries

Think of a telephone. Can you picture what a typical telephone looked like a half a century ago and how it has changed in the last few decades? We no longer see around us a telephone with a big receiver and a rotary dial. The innovation and change the phone experienced from the mid 1900’s to 2010’s is made quite obvious just by the image, although it also coincides with significant improvement in the quality and affordability – ‘unlimited long distance calls for a fixed monthly payment of a couple tens’ would have been unimaginable a few decades ago.

Yet, the same cannot be said for waste management in the same period of time. The image of a truck coming to the neighborhood, lifting the dumpster, collecting the trash and heading off to the landfill or other waste processing facilities has not changed much in that period. Nor did the quality and affordability.

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Innovations in the Waste Management Industry

Haulla brings innovation to waste management by breaking the information asymmetry in the industry and helping small business owners secure the best deal. Because waste hauling companies vary in what they charge for as well as their annual increase rate, many potential customers do not realize that they can switch waste haulers for more affordable waste collection. When customers reach out to Haulla, we provide consultation on their waste bills and connect them with local waste haulers who can provide a more competitive collection rate. Businesses save money while waste haulers gain new customers.

In the near future, Haulla will also offer automated on-demand collection, as opposed to regular, static collection. The bins of Haulla customers who believe they can do without regular weekly collections and have non-regular collections only when the dumpster is full will be fitted with fill-level sensors and Haulla will collect when it is necessary. This doesn’t just save costs and time for both businesses and waste haulers; it saves the environment! Think of all the reduced CO2 emissions from fewer truck pick-ups.

Haulla’s goal is both economical and environment-friendly, which often tends to be at odds. But the one stone of ‘innovation’ catches two birds at the same time. Haulla brings that innovation.

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