Who benefits from Haulla's automated trash pickups?


Businesses that saved on waste collection

Restaurant in Houston, TX

Cost savior during COVID 19 era

“Foot traffic to my business decreased more than 80% due to COVID 19 and my business has been in survival mode! I was honestly game to try anything that would help me reduce expenses. Haulla helped me reduce my monthly bill by $200, which is a huge help in these difficult times. Thank you so much Haulla!”

Haulla 8 yard dumpster rental review restaurant in Austin
Fitness center in Pasadena, CA

No missed or late collections at all

“I had many problems with my previous waste service provider since they missed so many pickups and were often unreliable – they even skipped service for a month. Maybe it’s because of their technology, but Haulla has always been on time and efficient when it comes to pickups. In terms of customer service, they are responsive which is something I greatly appreciate given the issues I had with my old provider.”

Haulla commercial waste service review fitness in corpus christi
Gas station in Baltimore, MD

Free consultation on my current waste service

“I received a free consultation from Haulla about my waste service. I discovered that I was paying for a dumpster that was way too big for my business’s needs and my monthly fee was about 30% higher than what the neighboring businesses were paying. Haulla reduced the dumpster size by half so there was a drastic reduction in what I was paying monthly.”

Haulla waste service review gas station in Houston
Supermarket in Dallas, TX

Switching to Haulla was a breeze

“Although I wasn’t too happy with my previous hauler, I was reluctant to switch mainly because I didn’t want to go through the hassle and I was skeptical about a name that I haven’t heard before. To my pleasant surprise, switching to Haulla was a breeze because they took care of everything from breaking the previous contract, paying the penalty to my hauler and replacing the old dumpster.”

Haulla garbage collection review supermarket in dallas

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