How do we automate your waste collections and help you save money each month?

Set Up and Install Dumpster

Our team will request information about your business’s current waste collection service and needs. After assessing all of this information and ensuring that we can provide you a competitive price, Haulla will order and install a dumpster (*which comes with a fill-level sensor) at your business’s waste collection point.

Haulla dumpster size texas waste service

*Fill-level sensor service is currently offered for limited area.

Monitor Dumpster Fill-levels

The fill-level sensor inside the dumpster will periodically take measurements of the accumulated waste volume. When the dumpster is full, the sensor will automatically dispatch a collection request announcing that the dumpster is awaiting pickup.

Haulla location service of garbage disposal

Collect Garbage

Local waste haulers will be matched with dumpsters awaiting pickup based on the scope of their service. During their collection runs, waste haulers can use the route optimization function of the Haulla app to ensure faster and more efficient collection runs.

Haulla commercial garbage pickup

Evaluate Service

Here at Haulla we greatly value what our customers have to say. We encourage our customers to provide feedback on the quality of the waste collection service as well as their customer service experience. Using this feedback, we will constantly improve our practices to provide our customers with nothing but the best.

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Dumpster Sizes for Business

*Please contact us if you are looking for other sizes

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