Why should waste haulers partner with Haulla?

Expand your business

Having to compete with big-name haulers who may have long established connections, local haulers often times struggle to get new customers. By partnering with Haulla, we do all the work and bring the customers to you. We ensure that the new pool of customers that was previously unavailable to you will be filtered to ensure that they fit within the scope of your services.

Haulla austin garbage pickup partnership

Reduce costs

With the help of our waste fill-level sensors, waste haulers will only be notified and dispatched on when dumpsters are actually full. By reducing the number of unnecessary collection trips, waste haulers can cut operation costs that include things like fuel.

Haulla become our partner as waste hauler in Baltimore

Increase efficiency

Using the Haulla web platform, partner waste haulers can access resources that will automate and optimize their operations. With route optimization technology, collection routes will automatically be updated when waste haulers acquire new collection requests. Digitization of records allows you to easily search and acquire needed information.

Haulla Waste Hauler Partnership in Texas, Maryland, Virginia

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