Make a Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Access the online payment customer system.
From the menu on the left, access the set up autopay menu, enter card information for each business site according to the guide.
You need to set up for each business.
Once registration is complete, payments for services that must be paid by the 20th of this month will begin.
(If the collection service has not started yet, payment will not be made.)

1) Access the above online payment customer system.
2) Enter your email address and password to log in. (If you forgot your password, please click the "Forgot password?" button.)
3) After log in, click the Payment > Payment method menu on the left menu.
4) After selecting the business you want to pay for, click the ADD Payment method button.
5) Click Card payment.
6) Enter card information and check the approval items below.
7) After that, click the ADD button to complete the automatic payment card registration.

We will help break your existing contract for free.
We provide a dumpster free of charge and offer various sizes depending on our customer’s needs.
By law, we are only able to service commercial customers and multi residential complexes and not individual households.
We provide services for both general waste and recyclables.
Check out this helpful infographic. If you need to bag your recyclables, please do NOT use plastic bags and instead use paper bags or cardboard boxes.
We have an online payment system where you can set up automatic payments. We also accept bank transfers, credit cards, and checks.